Thursday, January 29, 2009

About the blog name

So I wanted to create a blog just for my bicycle activity, with a name that referred to bicycles, was if possible clever, memorable and not already being used by someone else. You'd be amazed how difficult that is. I spend half an hour writing down ideas, checking online to see if they showed up elsewhere, and finally choosing this one. It means, literally, "bicycle man" in Malay. In addition the similarity between "orang" (man) and "orange" amuses me. I did play with some puns on "basikal" and decided against them all. And I considered simply translating the name my brother uses for his cycling blog, "Citizen Rider" into Malay. However, I'm not really fluent in Malay and I could not be certain of the translation. Even the name I am using is a bit of a guess and actual Malay speakers may tell me I got it all wrong. But here it is.