Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Found Object Cycling

Cycling and recycling. Tonight on the way home from getting a new listing signed, I happened to notice, in the moonlit darkness, that it was heavy trash pickup night in Fairfax County. Among the assorted debris, a bike wheel caught the headlights as I drove by. Lying on its side under some discarded house doors was a Gary Fisher mountain bike. Some parts were missing, most of it was there and the price was right. It had decent-looking quick-release wheels that came off readily so I could fit it across the back seat. Arriving home, I examined my prize. The front wheel appears straight and the back wheel only slightly crooked. It's missing brakes and one brake lever. It feels very light. No doubt someone can do something with it. By my reckoning, this is the seventh bike I have found like this. One I sold, the rest I gave away. At least one is now a prize in someone's bike collection. My home for wayward bikes continues to save them from landfills. 

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