Saturday, March 7, 2009

Roadster Love

Today I went by bicycle to the Arlington Court House flea market. What a joy to need only shorts and T shirt after the freezing weather of a few days ago. The bicycle I went by was the Roadster. I took it because it has a basket in which to put anything I wished to bring home. Two guys were selling used bicycles at the flea market. They had a large number of mid-grade bikes, which were selling briskly. But the big hit was the Roadster. Everyone who saw it wanted it. Then I rode down Clarendon Boulevard and stopped in another bike shop. I asked if I could lean my bike against the counter. The manager immediately asked me where I got the Roadster and talked with me for some time admiring it and asking questions. I noticed a new bike in the shop in a similar style (but about as much like it as a new Mustang resembles an original 1965 one). It seems that once again I am so far behind the times as to be ahead. 

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