Monday, May 11, 2009

Found Object Bike Gets a Home

The 1995 Gary Fisher that I found on the curb on the night before heavy trash pickup is being prepared for its new life as my 15-year-old nephew's commuter to his summer job in Niantic. He will be teaching sailing and needs something to get back and forth, in his last summer before becoming motorized. I took the bike and such parts as I had on hand (tires, brake levers, brakes) up to the parental home in Niantic over Easter weekend, and handed them off to Cafiend to assemble into something rideable, including replacing the original Cranks of Death with whatever is now being offered in the ongoing recall. Haven't had an update from him about it, but I expect to see it when I visit again in the summer. Total cost for the bits for this bike so far has been less than $20.

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