Sunday, May 31, 2009

Recumbent Trike 'Bug' Outbreak Reported

The recumbent trike 'bug' has crossed the Potomac (and several other rivers) to Ferndale, Maryland. My sister's husband has not only become interested in recumbent trikes, he actually went out and bought one, a used Greenspeed GT3 Series I. I was the enabler--not only getting him started (here, kid, try one of these!) but actually forwarding him the Craigslist ad. It's ironic that he has gotten one before I do. Meanwhile, over here in Virginia, I'm still working on having the money with which to buy one. Granted, my expensive tastes don't help. The used Greenspeed GT3 cost about half the price of the new Trice QNT I would like to have. I could have a perfectly serviceable "starter trike" for that kind of money. But I know that I would soon want to upgrade, so I might as well get what I want even if it takes longer to get it. Interestingly, the Greenspeed was for sale because the seller had bought a Trice T. The Trice appeals to me not only for its good design and construction quality, but for me the "killer" features are that it is easily adaptable and adjustable, including to different sized riders, and that it can be dismantled and packed into a compact space--suitable for my international travel plans. No other trike has this capability--those few which do fold or dismantle are still larger than a dismantled Trice--and a fully assembled trike is rather large. The Trice web site has photos from an owner who took a Trice T to Thailand in his suitcase, assembled it and toured there. I already have received a request from Malaysia to try it out when I bring it over. There are, of course, at least two assumptions in that request. Who am I to disappoint my fans?

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