Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cleared for Takeoff

On Wednesday, August 5th, I had my one-month-after-surgery appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Gordon Avery. He set my "bionic" elbow brace to allow more degrees of movement, said I don't have to wear the brace when I'm at home, and told me to start physical therapy next week. I asked him whether I was recovered enough to ride a recumbent tadpole trike, showed him a picture of one and demonstrated how the arms are used for steering. He said, "that looks like therapy!" So I plan to order a Trice QNT this week--delivery time is about a week and a half. This is an act of faith that the money I have scheduled to come in around the end of August does indeed come in on schedule. An accountant friend had said a few weeks ago that the trike might even be deductible. That would be gravy. Now, having put off ordering it for months, I am impatient for it to arrive. I had planned to order it so as to have it by today (this being the soonest I might have been recovered enough to ride it) but I waited as I wanted to delay the expense and there was no need to have it sooner than I could use it. I was also finalizing my list of options on it. I missed my deadline to order it in a custom color (this adds three weeks to delivery time and I want to have it before the end of August) but the standard colors will do. Even though it will look like many others of the same kind, there aren't all that many of them around for it to look like. Sometimes I wonder if I will really use it enough to make the investment worthwhile, or if it is just too geezerly to ride it instead of a bicycle--which I can't do for another few months anyway. On Monday I saw a Trice being ridden in Alexandria, and I have heard from an owner in Falls Church through the Triceriders Yahoo Group (which seems to be mainly UK-based, as is Trice itself). The local dealer tells me they've sold a lot of them this summer. Friends report trike spottings. I am not alone.