Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yes, I do get to commute on it occasionally

Last Monday it was six months since the bicycling accident in which I broke my elbow while attempting to ride to my office (June 14, 2009). The following day, December 15, I rode my Trice recumbent trike to the office. It was actually the second time I had ridden the trike to the office, having completed a full round trip on September 16. I don't often ride to the office, because in my business I usually have to be prepared to go out and show houses and I need to have a car with me. On this most recent occasion I was actually retrieving a car I had left at the office. I had been playing musical cars getting them into and out of the tire store before Thanksgiving, and had left the Volvo 240 wagon at the office for about a week. This meant that if I did get one of those emergency calls, I could drive there. I had a change of clothes with me and I was able to look presentable for our semi-monthly sales meeting. Tuesday was a good day to ride in because on the day of sales meetings we always have breakfast there. Plus I have to admit it was fun to show the Trice off to my colleagues.

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